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James and Tiffany Burns



My Story


James & I were very committed to selling a product we couldn't seem to sell. It wasn't a bad product, but we did not use many of the products personally, and it just wasn’t one that many people thought was worth spending the high price on. While "selling" that product at an event, James smelled some amazing fragrances coming from a tent further down. It was not a light smell, but a very strong one. Not a scent that is overpowering in a way that is annoying, but one that brings with it the same kind of feelings as a beach, or a hammock, or a freshly mown lawn on a spring day. 

The rest is history. We hosted a few parties before finally starting our Scentsy business in July 2010. What started with us first falling in love with the products, then our friends falling in love with the products, turned into paying bills and debts, giving to lots of charitable causes, family extras, loads of new close friends, 10 all inclusive trips paid for, and so much more! AND, we LOVE to teach and train others to change their family's life too!

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